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JUNI 2019


What kind of identity do we wish for the future of Sukkerbiten? With the long history and Sukkerbitens placement as a focal point in the capital of Norway it was important to us to keep all the qualities existing within this place. As a junction between water and city it hosts one of the best placements and provides an overview of the entire city. Yet it is a casual meeting point amongst the inhabitants of Oslo. To frame these qualities in a building we transformed the O in Oslo into the O of Sukkerbiten. With no start and no end this clear gesture became the base of our history.


The circular footprint provides an open, including and inviting shape with a focal point, being the centre of Oslo. Cuts in the shape is based on the composition of the surrounding boundaries, views and connections across the site from where a natural flow occurs. The landscape around the building becomes equal as important as the building itself.


The correlation between the round shape and the cuts made within emphasizes the movement throughout the building with views from and towards the surrounding city- and waterscape. It defines a multicultural yet generous meeting point with exhibitions as well as activities across age.  

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